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How We Can Help!

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Our team of qualified mechanics have what it takes to assess which tyres best suit your individual needs. Contact more to learn how we can save you money in the long-term.
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Wheel Rotate and Balancing

In addition to our comprehensive tyre services, we also supply, fit and balance tyres. Our wheel balancing services can have a direct affect on the functionality of your entire vehicle.
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Truck Repairs

At AA Tyres and Auto, our mechanical expertise doesn’t end with cars. We also offer truck repairs and services, to get you back on the road sooner.
What We Offer Used Tyres

New and Used Tyres

As tyre specialists, we have a range of used tyres in great condition for sale.
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Log Book Servicing

Despite what you might think, you don’t have to service your vehicle at the dealership to retain the validity of your warranty. Save money and bring your new car to us, for log book servicing on all makes and models.
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All General Mechanical Repairs

If you’ve got a mechanical problem, chances are we’ve got it covered! At AA Tyres and Auto, we take care of all general mechanical repairs in our Cranbourne based workshop, servicing all makes and models.
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Engine, Clutch and Brakes

Your brakes are arguably your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Our team of experienced mechanics can repair and replace worn components on your brakes, covering pads, rotors, discs and drums and more. To learn more about the wear and tear of your breaks, click below to learn more!
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Courtesy Car

We understand that getting your vehicle serviced can be an inconvenience. That’s why we offer our customers a courtesy car, to ensure you can still get from A to B while you get your vehicle serviced in Cranbourne.
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Minor and Major Servicing

At AA Tyres and Auto, we offer an array of comprehensive minor and major auto services and repairs. There’s no job too big or small for the team at AA Tyres and Auto.
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Wheel Alignment

Wheels that aren’t aligned properly can affect your car’s handling, steering, suspension, tyre wear, fuel economy and safety. Wheel alignment should be checked every 6 months, particularly if you drive long distances or drive on bumpy roads often.
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Wheel Packages

AA Tyres and Auto’s offers competitively priced wheel packages, to take care of all of your wheel needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more!
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Puncture Repairs

Flat tyre? Generally flat tyres are caused by nails, screws and other sharp objects penetrating your tyre. We can repair or replace any tyre punctures in our Cranbourne workshop.
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Suspension Repairs and Upgrade

Got an issue with steering or suspension? Our workshop is fully equipped to carry out suspension repairs and upgrades, from new springs, bushing, shock absorbers, faults in power steering and more.
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Air Con Service and Repairs

Your vehicle’s air conditioning not only keeps you feeling fresh and cool in summer, it also affects humidity and can help demist a foggy windscreen in winter. Regular servicing of your vehicle’s air conditioning unit will ensure it remains in optimum condition year-round.
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Transmission Service

Our experienced team of transmission specialists can carry out all major and minor transmission services and repairs at competitive prices.